This is my Now Page which tells what I’m focussed on these days.

  • I’m currently reading a book on Free-to-Play games, and another one on Ayurveda.
  • Published another guitar video a few days ago. This was just something that happened to cross my mind not too long ago, and is one of my old favourites by The Offspring. Since it’s very easy to play, I thought I might as well do a quick recording. It’s called Americana, and here it is:
  • I’m also learning to play two songs at the moment. The first is Superunknown by one of my teenage favourites Soundgarden. I’m almost ready with the rhythm section, and am just getting into the solos. This is what it sounds like right now:

And the other is one of my absolute favourites by Meshuggah, and perhaps also the trickiest songs rhythmically that I’ve learned to play. I’m working on the rhythm section, for a start, and am over half-way into the song. This is what it sounds like right now: