This is my Now Page which tells what I’m focussed on these days.

  • Having recently finished reading a book on Free-to-Play games, I’m now reading The Ramayana (translated by C Rajagopalachari).
  • I published another guitar video the other day – one from my Grunge days. It’s a cover of the song Superunknown by Soundgarden. A lot of fun to play!
  • I’m also learning to play three other songs at the moment. The first two are also songs by Soundgarden, and two of my favourites by this band – Outshined and Rusty Cage. Here is where I am with these:

And the other is one of my absolute favourites by Meshuggah, and perhaps also the trickiest songs rhythmically that I’ve learnt to play. I’m working on the rhythm section, for a start, and am over half-way into the song. This is what it sounds like right now: