Completed the Course “Introduction to Big Data” offered by UCSD on Coursera

I successfully completed this course with a 98.9% mark. It was easy and covered mostly definitions, some history of big data, big data jargon and very basic principles. There was an emphasis on what constitutes big data (in terms of size, variety, complexity, etc.), what kinds of analyses one can carries out on big data, what sources they can be from, and what tools one could use to analyse them. When it came to the latter, the course offered a brief introduction to the Hadoop  ecosystem that I found particularly interesting as I hadn’t ever worked with any of the software that is a part of this ecosystem. And there was also a simple assignment that gave one a taste of what working with Hadoop could be like. Here’s a link to the certificate I received from Coursera on completing this course.

Looking forward to the remaining courses in the Big Data specialisation!

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