(Automated) Curriculum Learning

I’ve lately spent some time reading about Curriculum Learning and experimenting with the algorithms described in two of the papers in this domain

Bengio, Y., Louradour, J., Collobert, R., & Weston, J. (2009, June). Curriculum learning. In Proceedings of the 26th annual international conference on machine learning (pp. 41-48). ACM.

Graves, A., Bellemare, M. G., Menick, J., Munos, R., & Kavukcuoglu, K. (2017). Automated Curriculum Learning for Neural Networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.03003.

The first of the above can be considered important given how with empirical results supporting Curriculum Learning, it revived the interest among researchers in this technique. The second is one of the recently proposed approaches for Curriculum Learning that I thought would be interesting to understand in greater depth.

I’ve summarised my thoughts on these in a short presentation. I hope to share my code and results not too long from now as well.