New Guitar Video – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver by Primus

Here’s the third and final Primus number from my list before I switch to some different music for a little while. This one was quite challenging, especially when it came to the second solo. Some tricky note-transitions in it to work with. And I was also surprised to see what actually constituted the guitar and the bass parts while learning to play it. Larry Lalonde at his best!

These three Primus songs – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, Jerry was a Racecar Driver and John the Fisherman – gave me a good sense of Larry’s unique and quirky playing style, which I have really come to admire, but there’s still more interesting songs like My Name is Mudd, Welcome to this World and many others that I’m really looking forward to playing in the future when I get back to Primus after a break!